Animal House

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About Us

We established Animal House in June 2003 after realizing a great need for low cost pet care especially for those with multiple pets.  I practiced at and managed high end veterinary practices. My heart was always broken when clients couldn’t afford to treat their pets for avoidable diseases like parvo and heartworms.  I paid to treat some of these patients myself.  Even at my cost I couldn’t afford to keep up with the need.  We started Animal House to provide quality basic pet care at a low cost in order to help families take better care of their pets basic needs and hopefully decrease the occurrence of preventable diseases.

Our staff works primarily on a volunteer basis.  We have also been fortunate to provide clinics without significant overhead which has allowed us to keep our prices low.  We strongly recommend full service veterinary clinics to further our patients care and always recommend establishing a relationship with a full service veterinarian.

My husband, Scott and I own and operate Animal House.  I graduated from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and have over 25 years of experience in small animal medicine and surgery. Scott is active duty with the US Military and helps at clinics when time allows.

Animal House would not exist without our small, professional, caring and experienced staff who give so much of their valuable time to serve our cause.  They are compassionate about what we do and for the furry family members we are allowed to care for.  Debbie has over 35 years of experience in client care and is always there to greet clients with a warm and friendly smile.  Kim is a human nurse who loves animals.  Angie is a school teacher who is helping us with social media and advertising.  Without the care and experience these ladies bring to Animal House we would not be able to continue to provide service to all of our clients.

We look forward to meeting new clients, serving our established clients and hopefully making a difference for many pets and their families here in central Indiana.

Melinda J Maynard, DVM