Animal House

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Payments & Policies


Payments are taken at the clinic prior to rendering services.  Our clinic prices are based on a cash discount to keep our prices at a minimum.  However,  we do accept Visa & Mastercard for an additional fee.  Visa & Mastercard services are nonrefundable.  All prices are listed under services.


Services are provided to dogs and cats only and on a walk in basis only.  Cats must stay in a carrier while in the store.  As veterinary care givers, our responsibility is to educate our clients on the best services for their pets.  We do realize the economy has left many of our great clients financially less stable and we do not pass judgement on the most basic service requests.  Our goal is to keep our prices as low as possible in order that your pets can receive as much quality care as possible.  We hope by saving on the basics, we will allow many of our clients to further care for their pets at full service veterinary clinics.


We feel we buy the best vaccines and products available.  Our vaccines are manufactured by Merck and Zoetis.  They are administered with the highest quality single use monoject syringes and needles.  Vaccine schedules are customized to fit your pet's needs.  Heartworm and flea preventative are chosen based on what we give our own pets.  The pet market is a huge profitable industry.  Many new products hit the shelves everyday.  Our policy on many new medications is to wait and see what adverse reactions are reported prior to recommending and selling them to our clients.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service.  Most of the time devoted to Animal House is volunteer time.  We wish to continue to devote this time to pets in need and to clients who appreciate our efforts.  We will refuse service to individuals who do not pick up after their own pets.  We will also refuse service to individuals who's pets effect or have the potential to effect the safety of our clients and staff.  Finally, we will refuse service to anyone who continually exhibits poor behavior to other clients or our staff.